THE KUBRAWI ORDERThe Kubrawi Order is an independent, non-governmental organization, a traditional Sufi order. This organization is a commune (taifa), which is made of the Muslim people, the regular members and the inner circle of pupils of the mystical way (Tarika) who are united together around the head of the Order Sheikh Mirza-Beg.

The Sheikh sees his personal mission in this life to facilitate the revival of Sufi mysticism, this Islamic spiritual movement, to assist in keeping the teaching alive and in preserving it to the future generations.

Aspirations of the leadership of the Order, their activities are directed toward two objections, first to build the theoretical base for the Sufi studies by publishing its classical treatises in Russian language; second to teach the principles of Sufism in individual courses according to the traditional methods to prepare the new cadres of the mystical way.