From: Mr. Mohammad Yaqub Sept 13, 2003

Dear respected Azar Beg
First of all I am very sorry I could not reply your emailing time due to some my personal problems. actually I am from Skardu pakistan this is a northern region of pakistan , it is mountain area, few populations there and there is no internet facilities so I was on leave and spent more then 2 months in my home down just come back and join my job. When I was in my village I have said to many peoples about you and kubrawi order in Russian they were very happy and everybody saying Salam to you. Even then I also told to our Shaikh about you , he also very happy and saying salam to you and willing to continue our communication.
I have seen your website in detail. In the Genealogy (spiritual chain) of Sheikh Najmuddin Kubra shows that the last scholar & Sheikh and no another sheikh onward between you & him. While there is a great gap between you & him. What is the reason of this long gap? Who were the caliphs who continue this chain of Kubriwia order onward or there followers of kubriwi present in any other Russian states? Are the followed the Islamic Sufism warship like Atikaf (defend from evils) and remembrance of God. Atikaf means ABADAAT of God for 24 hours in mosque.
Thanks & all praise to God, here the followers of Kubriwia Order are called Sufia Noorbakhshia & full flash as were in the time of Sheikh N. Kubra. We the followers of Kubriwia have been offering Attica & Remembrance of God (dhikr-i-Illahi) since that time. Aatitaf has deferent stages and types, which could be minimum 24 hours. The great efforts of our precursor (sheikh) the new generations have revolted to this line. Attica and dhikr- Jalli at Thursday after Eshaa (prayer). Nowadays most peoples have been seen offering prayers in mosques whole the night without sleeping.
Oh, I see I forget to ask about the literature of Hazrat Shaikh Najmu-din Kubra and our other sheikh. As well. Please inform me in detail one another thing that the spiritual chain of sheikh Hazrat Shaikh Najmu-din Kubra was a well known world wide Sufi order now we are scattered and limited to the for long areas of world. So I think even we have discussed with our sheikh that on again we should be interlink with Kubrawi order in the world and raise the education and mission of our great Shaikh Hazrat Shaikh Najmu-din Kubra. In this sense, we need to collect data of our Kubrawi chain to gather on one platform globally and should need to held symposiums and seminars for awareness of peoples.
Inshallah very soon I will send you the available from here list of Books and literature of Hazrat Shaikh Najmu-din Kubra.
Mohammad Yaqub


From: Jihadi Dede Jan 23, 2005
Dear Brothers in faith, as-salamuna alikum and 'id Mubarak, we found your website in the net and we are very glad about that becorse we are very interested in this oder and we hope that we can get any information we about. We are member of the moulawi tariqa by Moulana Jelaleddin Rumi of Konya (qs) and we found that Moulawi Tariqa is a branch (furu')of the Kubrewwiyya Tariqa by Nadjm-uddin al-Kubrâ (qs) we found also that the Aurâd readen by the Mevlevi Dervishes is the orign of the Kubrevvi Aurâd. In that we hope that we can get more Information about principles, Azkâr and Aurâd by a living teacher of this Tariqa, by Azar Mirza-Beg, insha'allah. I am a German accepted Islam 40 years ago and became a Shaikh of the Moulawi tariqa and we have a Moulawikhana, a Tekkiya, in Germany- see We hope that you will answer. ma'a salam wa fi amanillah al-karim ask-i niyâz Jihâdî Dede -Postnishin-

From: Alexey Zhidkov May 16, 2005
Dear Mirza-Beg! I'm happy to receive the answer from You!Unfortunaly there are so small quantity of the persons who have an interrest to SUFISM!Most people even do not know about it!& almost all of the people don't want to know about it! As for me -i keep a mainpoint that a sufism is a essence of all of the religion.I mean- inward essence.I was born in Chistian country-Russia.My family is not religion one.I begun to interrest of religions when i was 17 years old.Now i'm 41.At 2000 i met the books from Gurdzhiev.I have read all of them for 3 time as he sad. All he sad about the people i have found inside me.A Pride,Idleness,Angry,Selfishness are living inside me very comfortable.I fight with them.Some time i win a victory,some time-they. I understand that G.I.Gurdzhiev was learned by Sufies.So i found the books written by Idries Shakh. I try to find the people who can help me to have known more about sufism,how to begin make a first step.Nobody knows.Of cours a lot of peole like to chatter on this theme, about all of the "esotheric".Not more... To find a Master who can help me in my Search. I don't practice any religion, because i watch only formal ceremony without inward matter.I think there is not BARAKA there! & i don't want to join them.But i think that Jesus and Mohammad (the names are going in time order) made the same Mission.& i honour equall both of them. If i find a Mauljana & he sad me to keep the ceremonies i'll know it is not a ceremomy for ceremony only. About Hinduism & Buddhism .I know about them in general. I am a Cancer by sign.Ekaterinburg has his native name now(in USSR it was renamed on Swerdlovsk). It would be great if You'll found your representation in Russia! I wish lack You in your translating! Warm Regards .Alexey .

From: Alexey Zhidkov May 27, 2005
Dear Mirza-Beg! You ask me why i'm not interrested by Hindu & Buddism. 1. In according to my features i prefer the actions not only philosophy Once upon a time in a village lived a sage .A lot of people come to his place to take the answers of their questions... Once there was an adversity in this village-village's dike was destroyed by a river.The people come to the sage screaming-"help us! How must we salvage our village?" But the Sage answered-"Why must i know HOW? I am theoretican!" Indian philosophy says WHAT must we do but more important at least for me-HOW to do. 2.I can't accept a conception that there is not any FORMERS(Buddhism) or there are a lot of the FORMERS(Hindu) 3.I can't left my family in poverty & go to a cloister and i think when somebody left a world-maybe he is just weak to live in the world? Whom i'm going to be? Fact is-not a professor of mistique ! & even a thought about life only in tight world of the money, ambitions, angry, movings around like a blind without a can, is impossible for me! But if i say that i 'm going to be a Saint-it would be very funny! How can i know WHO is a SAINT-i've never been the same! Yes i want to be on the sufi WAY , i have a "magnetic centre",but i don't know HOW!I know only one-i can't do it myself alone.Somebody who knows can find out it.If he would want. I didn't meet somebody who can act .Only the chatters about magic skills, a WAY (wich WAY they do not explain),meditation and other "mystic" things. There are a lot of guru,teachers ,magicians,sufies with glass of vodka.I was learning some times from one of them-two month.He can do some exsersises,but he does not understand that any exsersises are only implement for something bigger.Not only for concentration to make the money. And please name me merely Alex without Mr.Zhidkov! Sincerely Yours Alex

From: A. Afsar-Siddiqi July 19, 2005
Dear Brother Azar, As salaam alaikum,
Thank you for your e-mail and outline of your proposal. Unfortunately, this work does not fit in with our current programme and we would therefore decline to proceed further with this work. I would like to thank you nevertheless for your interest in Taha and I wish you well in securing a publisher for this work in the near future.
Abia Afsar-Siddiqui
Ta Ha Publishers Ltd.
1, Wynne Road, London,
Tel: +44 207 737 7266
Fax: +44 207 737 7267

From: Steve Habib Rose July 19, 2005
Peace. Insh'Allah, I'll try to add your site the next time I do an update. In Community, Steve Habib Rose Neighbornets Connecting Neighbors to Weave a Better World

From: Steve H. Rose Aug 21, 2005
Assalamu alaikum. Thanks so much for the clarification. I have added a link to to the list of Sufi-related resources at Best wishes. In Community, Steve Habib Rose Neighbornets Connecting Neighbors to Weave a Better World

From: Ameer Khan Aug 25, 2005
Assalaamu 'Alaikum, My name is Syed Omar Ameer Khan. I live in Toronto, Canada and will be moving in the next month to Konya, Turkey Insha Allah to teach English there. I am a student of Islam and strongly interested in Sufism. In my past, I had the opportunity to read Hazrat Najm al-Din al-Razi's book Mirsad al-Ibad ila Mabda al-Ma'ad- a Kubrawi text on Sufism and thoroughly enjoyed the text. Please, if possible, I would like to know more information about the present Master of the order such as: 1) the emphasis and importance of the Shariah 2) the knowledge the present master has of the outward islamic sciences of fiqh and aqidah 3) description of the Kubrawi sufi path such as what it emphasizes and how to realize the presence of Allah Jazak Allah khair. I sincerely thank you for your assistance and am interested in finding a tariqah that can take me to the love of Allah, His Prophet and the Ahlul-Bayt. Khuda Hafiz, Omar

From: Sahabzada Asim Maharvi August 31, 2005
Dear MR Beg, Assalam-o-Alaikum How are you? It was great to learn that sufism is still in progress in Central Asia, once the heart of Sufi learnings. It was also great to learn about the Kubrwai order, my name is Sahibzada Asim Maharvi a decendant of great sufi shayak Khwaja Hazrat noor Muhammad Maharvi of Chishtiya order. Well, as a matter of fact our chishitya silsala ( chain) attaches to hazrat Qutab-uddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Oshi , a great Sufi from Osh city of present Kyrgyzstan, it was also a great pleasure to visit Osh city during my studies in American University in Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek, but unfortunately I couldn't find any traces of the mosques and Madrasah of Hazrat Bakhtiyar Oshi. I know little Russian, and by the passage of time it rusted out. I personally believe that Islam with all its Glory and especially Sufism will rise from Central Aisa again, You are heartilY invited to visit Pakistan, and visit the shrines of SuFi Saints here. The annual Urs of Hazrat Khwaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi Chishti starts from 1st of zilhaj( month of Haj) to 3rd of Zilhaj, you are Invited to attend it would be great to have the Central Asian guests.
With Regards Sahibzada Asim Maharvi
P.O: Maharsharif, Tehsil: Chsihtian District: Bahwalnagar, Pakistan

From: Ghulam Haider September 5, 2005
Dear respectable, I saw your sit on NET, very excited and felt happy by knowing that some of follower of the same sufiism ( Hazrat Maruf Karkhi). I have some questions if you write me I will be very thankfull to you in this refard. 1. what are your fundamental beleives.( e.g. Imams, pray,fasting, majlis etc) 2. how are you following that persons. 3.Do you know other peoples in any part of the world those are following the same. We are followersof these personalities called (Silsalay Zahab), begining from Hazrat Maruf Karhi to current peer HAZRAT SYED MOHAMMAD SHAH NOORANI who is our relegious leader. Are you willing to continue communicate with us. I will introduce one of our Sheikh who is the scholer of our NOORBAKHSHIA. Thanks and regards. Ghulam Haider

From: Juerg Reimann September 14, 2005
Dear Madam, Dear Sir, I am a student in Switzerland working on a research project about Sufism. While searching on the web I came across the web site of your Sufi Order. I was surprised that your present Sufi Master, Hazrat Azar Mirza-Beg bin Mirza bin Isfandiyar al-Kubrawi al-Bakuwi, declares himself as a Sunni Muslim. Especially as in the genelogy of your Order, you also have Hazrat Ali as the Commander of Believers.
May I ask you if you can explain me how this 'inconsistency' comes about? Also, I've always been thinking that Imam Ali plays a special role to all Sufis and therefore Sufis always belong to Shi'a Islam.
Please also let me know of further reading on this topic, if you know of any books or resources available on the web.
Thank you very much for any help and I beg your pardon for my ignorant

Best Regards,
Juerg Reimann

From: Duquela September 14, 2005
Assalam Aleikum, My husband & I will be visiting Azerbaijan in February and wanted to know if there is a center there or other brothers & sisters we can connect with. I thank you for your attention. Please email me at . Thank You, Evelyn.

From: Caio Rossi December 19, 2005
Assalamu aleikum This is Caio Rossi, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I recently converted to Islam and am looking for information on the Uwaysi Tradition. Do you happen to have a local representative I could be in contact with? Otherwise, how could I get in touch with you and get more information on your activities, besides what I have found on your website? Thanks a lot. Salam Caio

From: Sutan Partomuan January 26, 2006
Assalamu alaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Allahumma shalli alaa sayyidina muhammadin wa alaa alihii wa barik wa sallim! Dear Sir, My name is Sutan Partomuan. At the present, I’ll try all, out to get a job in international institution under world bank group or United Nations or others professional that the mission reduce poverty in my country. I have capabilities but everything is only dependent upon Alloh Azza Wa Jalla. I always 5 times prayers, isthikara, tahajjud, recite tasbih and durood. Through this email I would like to ask for prayer (dua) of Shaykh and all of Jamiah of Kubrawi Sufi to realize my ideals, Insha Alloh. Please help me with dua. I believe dua from a pious and jamiah will be answered (ijabah) by Alloh. I?m very sorry if this email interrupt your time. Thank you so much for your kindness and may Allah bless you! Amin! Wassalamu alaykum Warrahmahtullahi Wabarakatuh! Sutan

From: Irving K. February 19, 2006
Salaam Alaikum Dear Friends: As fellow travelers on the Sufi path, may I commend to you my book, Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel. I think you will like it. It has been translated and published in Russia, and will soon be translated and published in Indonesia, into Bahasa, the national language. You can view the book and read an excerpt at _http://www.masterofthejinn.com_ ( Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested. In the name of the Merciful, 10% of all profits go to charity. Ya Haqq, Irving

From: waqar Niazi sand_dular2003@hotmail.comate: 07.02.2009
I have read Adab al-Suluk: A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring by Shaykh Najm al-Din Kubra. In the first chapter he has explained why Allah created human beings. He said the following:
O slave of God, know that God, the Exalted, created man in order to enable his heart or spirit to make the journey towards Him and to attain communion with Him, and to observe His Glory and Beauty, which is the ultimate end of all purposes and goals and the end of all bounties and gifts. The world and whatsoever in it, as well as the other world and whatsoever is in it, have been created for the same purpose. The advent of the prophets and messengers and the revelation of the Quran and the other scriptures – all are meant to fulfil the same purpose. As God says:
And I did not create the jinn and the human kind except that they should serve (or worship ) Me. (51:56)
Ibn Abbas (May God be pleased with him) said that here li ya’budun (that they may serve Me) means li ya’rifun (that they may know Me). That is, all have been created in order to know Me. According to a sacred tradition (hadith qudsi), God has said:
I was a hidden treasure; then I wished to become known. Then I created the creation, so that I may be known.
I just wanted to know the refrence of the saying of Hazrat Ibn Abbas and the refrence of the hadith. I have myself searched in some commentaries of Quran and have not found this saying of Hazrat Ibn Abbas and also I have asked some scholars about the above hadith qudsi. Many scholars have the view that this hadith is not a saying of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and it is just a fabrication and some have the view that it’s a hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), but it is just a weak hadith. Please, if you can give me the exact refrence of both the saying of Hazrat Ibn Abbas anf the hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Are these both authentic and if they are in which authentic books can I find them?