PUBLICATIONSIn Search of the Truth is a portrait of our times, society and religion.
The author, a sheikh of a dervish order reveals
to the modern reader for the first time the secret intrigues and conspiracies of Satan that will bring the world inevitably to destruction, unless all spiritually-aware people, Muslims will unite and stand up against the army of forces of Evil.
Azar Mirza-Beg was born in the Soviet Union in 1951 and spend his youth in search of spiritual knowledge and Masters
who could initiate him to the mystical way. His early interest was with yoga literature; then it was replaced by Gurdjieff and
Sufi studies that finally made him himself a Sufi teacher, the present Master of the Order.
He lived the largest part of his life in various regions of the colossal Soviet empire. But, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, he moved to Western Europe and lived in Berlin, Paris and London. Now he lives in Baku, the Caucasus.

1 The Guides
2 Reincarnation
3 The Hierarchy of Sciences
4 The Origin of Religion
5 People versus Secret Services
6 The 20th Century’s Greatest Fabrication
7 The Conspiracy Theory
8 Why the BBC Hates Christmas?
9 Byzantine Intrigues
10 Neo-Nazis, Skin-Heads, and Others
11 The Elite Speaks Russian
A Dervish’s Letter to Turkmenbashi

Published March 1, 2014 by Progressive Press, San Diego, Calif.

Book description:

It is a religious book, but the subtitle indicates that its category is political, as well. Its style is not academic, but polemical. In its autobiographical portions, one can see that with passing of years author’s worldviews gradually changed. Before, it was anti-communistic and pro-American, while later in his life he disappointed with the capitalist system, as well.

He realized that Marxists are not the only enemies of religion, since the communist and capitalist systems both are, by nature, anti-religious, Masonic, and serving the interests of major anti-religious lobby of the modern times, that is of the Jews, Zionists.

Unlike other Sufi sheikhs who demonstrate liberal attitudes Mirza-Beg firmly stands for the Sharia statehood, describes the Islamic Republic of Iran as “the last fortification on the surface of the earth still standing firm against the Zionist offensive”.

Besides that: The Jewry, finally, founded their base in the Christian world. As it seems both Christians and Jews are in need of each other to further their ambitions, such as the world domination.

The Jew-Masonic politicians warning about the Islamic threat, while they more than anything afraid to see the rise of Christian faith and coming to power of the Church.

The Jews, who are a religious minority, “assume very correctly, that by destroying morality they can destroy customs, traditions, and ultimately – religion”. Therefore, the Zionist circles advocate immoral teachings like Freudianism.

Israel’s policy is so that it wants to see itself in the Middle East as an island of prosperity among ruins.

The white race, Europeans are racist by birth and their attitude to the Jews is too much biased. Usually, they try hard to attribute their own negative qualities to others, like Jews and Muslims. Christians found in Jews their own match, in greed, selfishness, arrogance, craftiness, scheming, and they hate the Jews because they outdone Christians in all this, and as well for their superior intelligence.

Muslims unlike the Jews are much-disorganized people. Therefore, they should keep distance from all Islamic organizations “since they all are a part of the Zionist conspiracy”.

The Jew-Masonic powers were behind the destruction of the Russian, Soviet, Ottoman and Persian empires.

All religions have two parts esoteric and exoteric. Unlike Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism the Christian religion, its doctrine is very sterile, since its esoteric form is no more there. However, actually, all religions in the modern world are in a degraded state, equally sterile, since they no more produce any Masters and as in the case of Sufism, true sheikhs.

“Moscow’s attempts to draw closer and unite together in a single union the lands of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus might be seen as signs that it is trying to restore the Russian empire, to reunite its lost territories”. In addition, it seems that there will be no resistance to it from the populations of former Muslim republics of the Soviet Union.


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